Beta-Testers Only – Start Testing!

We now have a new testing task for a new version of the Computta app!

Beta-tester Requirements:
  • Computta member with the current version of the app installed and working
  • at least 1 hour per week spare time to download, install, test  and report back on new versions
  • you are a responsible and responsive person
  • passionate about cryptocurrency and Computta service
  • be able to communicate in written English (so we can understand you)


New Beta Version To Download and Test:

Standard International Version:

Localized Russian Version:

Localized Chinese Version:

Please ONLY download and test IF you REALLY  WANT TO HELP!
We do not want folks who do it to “earn something” or just to “check it out”.

What To Do:

1. Download the needed version above

2. Install new version (in case if you have the previous version the installer will upgrade the app)

3. Start the app (installer can do it for you at the end of installation)

4. The app should suggest you to rerun benchmark,  just push ‘Start benchmark’ button here.

5. Check benchmark results and proceed to the main screen to see that the app is running correctly and earnings are being generated (note that at the moment cryptocurrency rates are quite low so you may get lower USD results than e.g. a month ago)

>>We recommend using this free screenshot software to make screenshots of bugs and errors.

Where and How To Report:

1. To report open a ticket at:

2. Use This Template To Report:

Your OS:
Your GPU:
Tested app version and language (version is displayed in the upper-right corner):
When the problem occured:
Details of the problem:
Screenshot of the problem (if needed)

Then our developers will let you know what else they need from you, like logs etc.

3. Watch and update your ticket and provide additional info if required.



If you think you REALLY can do it on these terms, please download the required version above and start testing. Make sure to add your correct priority email address, so we can get in contact with you at any time.

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