Computta August 2018 Referral Contest

August 6, 2018 we started our new Referral Contest – Winner Gets 30mBTC (approx US$210!)!

We noticed that less than 1/4th of all users ever used their referral link. Our guess is that they either don’t even know we have a super powerful 5-tier referral program or they just don’t know how to use it to generate commissions. You can read more about Computta referral program here.

So we decided to run Referral Contests for our registered users to encourage everyone to invite others to Computta and earn autopilot commissions on 5 tiers for their efforts. Hopefully this will increase your awareness and your skills in using our referral program. Because it’s all very simple…

One Who Gets The Most Personal Referrals Wins!

And the winner is…

smd3******.ru  with 631 referrals gets the First Place!

gregc113******.com with 350 referrals – Second Place!
akeelow******.com with 195 referrals – Third Place!
jperina97******.fr with 161 referrals – Fourth Place!
sahil.sahilthegr******.com with 115 referrals – Fifth Place!



  • Referral Competition starts on August 6, 0-00 and ends on August 31, 23-59-59
  • Only personal referrals generated within this period will count
  • One who gets the most wins!


  • Only legal and ethical promotion methods allowed.
  • Absolutely NO SPAM in any form – email, social, comment etc.
  • You can use free and paid promotion methods however you like.


  • Your referrals must be real! Not some fake signups or paid-to-signup crap.
  • We WILL be checking if your referrals actually download, install and run our app.
  • ONLY referrals who actually download and install the app and earned the first minimum of 0.005mBTC ( USD $0.05) will be counted.

If we catch you getting fake/bogus/paid referrals, we WILL freeze your account and BAN you from Computta, with all current balance and referrals forfeited. No negotiations!

Stick to The Rules, Play Fair!

Start sharing your ref link and go grab those prizes! If we again see someone who sends exceptional quality traffic and referral – we will award the Quality Prize this time again!

Naturally, those who keep sending fake or dead referrals will be removed wiithout warning. By “dead” – we mean those referrals who do not even download and install the app. We do track everything! Just send quality traffic and you’ll be fine.

So let’s roll and good luck!

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