Earnings Increase Overtime

If you participate in our unique Affiliate Program your affiliate earnings will only increase overtime.

We use a unique 5-tier affiliate structure to promote Computta Smart Miner and reward those who help us do so.You are getting commissions from user earnings on all 5 tiers under you.

So if you grab your referral link from the Member’s Area and send it to your friends and colleagues and bring in a few direct referrals it will snowball from there. Simply because your direct referrals will also promote Computta and refer a few members each and so forth – on all 5 tiers. It means that your network of sub-affiliates will grow without your intervention after your initial push. And your passive affiliate earnings will naturally grow with it too.

Of course, the more direct referrals you bring in the faster your sub-affiliate team will grow wide and deep.

So just Register for Computta account now, download Computta Smart Miner and grab your affiliate link to start now.

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