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This is How You Can Boost the Power of Computta 50X!!

At Computta we employ a unique Affiliate Program to reward our users who refer new members to our network. When you become  a Computta user by registering on our site you also automatically become Computta Affiliate and are eligible to receive commissions from earnings of users who register by using your referral link.

Currently we use a 5 Tier Affiliate Structure, so you can be paid commissions on 5 tiers below you.

Here is our simple Affiliate Commission Structure:
  • Tier 1 – Your Personal Referrals = 10%
  • Tier 2 Referrals = 5%
  • Tier 3 Referrals = 5%
  • Tier 4 Referrals = 3%
  • Tier 5 Referrals = 2%
See How It Looks If You and Your Referrals Each Bring In Only 5 More People

5 tier affiliate program

Of course you or other affiliates are NOT LIMITED on how many referrals you can bring in on each tier.

Use the calculator below to see how much you can realistically earn in passive monthly income just from commissions from your referral network.

Feel free to play with the above Commissions Calculator to see the potential of our Affiliate Program.

Of course your network will not be generated very fast. It will take some time to fill all 5 tiers with affiliates. But it’s a totally passive process once you have your first personal referrals.

So the earlier you join and refer new members the faster your whole 5 Affiliate Tiers will fill with referrals and you will be earning to your full potential. And it will only be growing with time as there are no limits at all…

And remember that there is NO COST EVER to you or your referrals to join Computta and earn money from your computer devices or from our Affiliate Program.

The only simple requirement is that you must install and run the Computta app yourself.

We do not sell anything here. We just employ a multi-tiered affiliate program to faster grow our network of Computta application users to support our chosen cryptocurrency systems.

So if you are not in yet, Register Now and Install Computta Smart Miner to see how well it works for you and how it will work for your referrals.

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