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Here we will be posting some of the testimonials that we receive on our Facebook page, by email and on our Helpdesk every day. They come in all the time from happy, satisfied and impressed Computta users from all over the world and we take it as a proof that we have been doing something right.

Sorry guys, can’t post all of them or it will become a very looooong page and we’ll need a dedicated person doing this whole day long… All testimonials are published as we receive them, with styling of the writing untouched.


I like Computta,because it is easy to use and have very good referral program.We dont need expensive hardware and still can have a good earnings if we build our network.
Nikolay Nikolaev


Computta is the first of its kind and I’m so impressed with it! From when I first signed up, to downloading and so on its been nothing but a big positive for me. I’ve tried other mining software before but the fees are ridiculous and the actual amount you get back as to how much processing power you put in is laughable. Computta flipped this on its head though because in a matter of weeks I’d already earned more than with all the other miners combined. Their FAQ section is enormous and I’ve found a ton of helpful material in there I otherwise would never have known about. It really opens the eyes to what’s possible and they’re extremely well linked with suggested reading material below that’s always relevant. Support is fantastic too, both Facebook and email response times are rapid and exceptionally friendly, you can chat with them like they’re old friends they’re that welcoming and warm. I could go on and on about their app design and functionality, referral program, back office layout and so on, but I’m already WELL above the 10 word limit. Even if I don’t win the 8mBTC bonus it won’t phase me because computta is amazing and I couldn’t be more stoked with them and the app .
Nathan Lanky Philps


I am very pleased with Computta system allowing my computers to be earning in their free time. The affiliate program is awesome too.
David Bradbury Stewart


I have seen many Fantastic looking mining software…but this ones does #TOP it all (Y) compared to all the other ones this one is easy and straight forward to use, and the best part you can build a mining team witch other programs don’t do.
Friedrich Mandl Jr.


This is the best mine that i use . i can use this in my 10pcs all the way and earn some coins . That a real good mine . No one can beat computta. More power and more money to all. Have a nice day and earn some in 😀
Christopher Culanag Lobo


Computta, simply the best mining program currently in circulation. Easy to set up and very light to use. It certainly deserves more attention from the public..
Luca Meroni


Bitcoin is the revolution I expect a lifetime. Let’s make the world together better place to live. Computta is a more accessible way for this – FREE to all free-loving people. Thank you from heart! IamMySelf.
Tsvetelina Kostadinova


I am very glad that such a project appeared on the Internet. I am disabled and my extra earnings come from the network. The computer has attracted me so that I do not need to invest. I have a small pension. The conditions are good, the program does not load the computer and does not interfere with work. Payments to people go, see the evidence, just fellows. I’ll go to the end, I really need money for a sanatorium. Computta – THE WINNING FOR US !!!
-no name-


I love computta!, with computta I earn extra income using my laptop and desktop, even if i use it at work I can also allocate some of my PC resources to mine. Thank you Computta Team!
Jr Avisado


I love because it gives me an avenue to earn extra income from my computer desktop without doing anything. you rock!!!
Emmanuel Omogiate


This is a fantastic program that gives everyone who has a computer a chance to make a lot of money without losing any chance. Thank you very much for the Computa team
Bilanych Mychail


I like Computa I found myself very well … and the first time I approach this platform and I’m really happy 🙂 I did not think it was so easy and instead it was fantastic thanks to this
Salvo Bamblack


The conditions are good, the program does not load the computer and does not interfere with work. Payments to people go, I see proof, just molodtsy. Budu go to the end, you need money for sanatoriy. Computta-victory for us!
-no name-


Software veramente fantastico ! Scaricalo subito e trasforma il tuo Computer in una Cash Mashine che MINA per te Bitcoin tutto il giorno! Minare non 猫 mai stato cos矛 facile ed alla portata di tutti !!!
Roberto Nannoni


Good opportunity to earn your equipment new cryptocurrency with Computta.
Vladimir Andreev

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