Computta January Referral Contest started

January 10, 2018  we start our new Referral Contest – Winner Gets 30mBTC (approx US$450!)!

And we have our winners now:

First Place:  chinatube20*****.com    with  1410 referrals

Second Place:  sahil.sahiltheg*****.com     with  810 referrals

Third Place: simionatofrance*****.it     with 720 referrals

We noticed that less than 1/4th of all users ever used their referral link. Our guess is that they either don’t even know we have a super powerful 5-tier referral program or they just don’t know how to use it to generate commissions. You can read more about Computta referral program here.

So we decided to run Referral Contests for our registered users to encourage everyone to invite others to Computta and earn autopilot commissions on 5 tiers for their efforts. Hopefully this will increase your awareness and your skills in using our referral program. Because it’s all very simple…

One Who Gets the Most Personal Referrals Wins!


  • Referral Competition starts on January 10, 0-00 and ends on January 31, 23-59
  • Only personal referrals generated within this period will count
  • One who gets the most wins!


  • Only legal and ethical promotion methods allowed.
  • Absolutely NO SPAM in any form – email, social, comment etc
  • You can use free and paid promotion methods however you like


  • Your referrals must be real! Not some fake signups or paid-to-signup crap.
  • We WILL be checking if your referrals actually download, install and run our app.
  • If we catch you getting fake/bogus/paid referrals, we WILL delete your account and BAN you from Computta, with all current balance forfeited. No negotiations!

Stick to The Rules, Play Fair!

By popular request from our users, we will be posting TOP 20 affiliate list here on this post every weekend. So check back and see if you are in the Top 20 and how much you need to push to grab one of those Top 3 spots.

So let’s roll and good luck!

=====The First Top 20 9-14 January, 2018=====

chinatube20*****.com         364 referrals
ecoligah*****.com                  235 referrals
adforce8*****.com                 228 referrals
nestmail0*****.es                   173 referrals
tch-vita*****.ru                        137 referrals
cceca*****.com                        128 referrals
gyu183*****.com                    119 referrals
sseerrgge*****.com               105 referrals
directads2*****.ru                 103 referrals
aleksandrusa*****.com       103 referrals
miditempotrac*****.com    96 referrals
bradenrobe*****.com           94 referrals
sahil.sahiltheg*****.com     85 referrals
gordongoldma*****.com     76 referrals
tankistpofigis*****.com       76 referrals
raleya1*****.com                    62 referrals
hema.madhe*****.com        62 referrals
originali*****.com                 60 referrals
ars_brevis7*****.ru             58 referrals
rokeyamom4*****.com       58 referrals

=====Top 20 January 9-20, 2018=====

chinatube20*****.com                  786 referrals
adforce8*****.com                         510 referrals
nestmail0*****.es                          349 referrals
tch-vital*****.ru                             301 referrals
gyu183*****.com                           282 referrals
sahil.sahiltheg*****.com              278 referrals
ecoligaht2*****.com                      247 referrals
directads20*****.ru                       237 referrals
miditempotrac*****.com              236 referrals
andreyole*****.ru                           232 referrals
gordongoldmanind*****.com      226 referrals
simionatofrance*****.it                 223 referrals
aleksandrusan*****.com              206 referrals
ccecan*****.com                            200 referrals
netmoney08*****.com                  188 referrals                             177 referrals
javrie1*****.com                              172 referrals
bradenrobe*****.com                     164 referrals
tankistpofigist*****.com                147 referrals
skywww123*****.com                    133 referrals

=====Top 20 January 9-31, 2018=====

chinatube20*****.com                  1410 referrals  – First Place – second month in a row!
sahil.sahiltheg*****.com              810 referrals – Second Place – out of nowhere and straight to top!
simionatofrance*****.it                 720 referrals – Third Place – again, very well done!
adforce8*****.com                         628 referrals – Fourth Place!
nestmail0*****.es                           572 referrals – Fifth Place!
tch-vital*****.ru                              516 referrals
gordongoldmanind*****.com     440 referrals
gyu183*****.com                            382 referrals
directads20*****.ru                       373 referrals
aleksandrusan*****.com              357 referrals
ccecan*****.com                             352 referrals
andreyole*****.ru                          351 referrals
miditempotrac*****.com              331 referrals
javrie1*****.com                              253 referrals
rokeyamom4*****.com                250 referrals
ecoligaht2*****.com                      249 referrals
raleya1*****.com                            241 referrals
tankistpofigist*****.com             235 referrals
acdavis12*****.com                       235 referrals
sseerrggeeiv*****.com                 223 referrals

Congrats to all who are on this list! And to all who promoted but didn’t get on the list, keep pushing and you will see yourself here one day!

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