Computta lowers payout minimum to 5mBTC

Happy New Year to everyone!

Hope 2017 was good to you and wish 2018 will be even better!

To start our journey for this year we have a long awaited announcement to make:

It’s official – Payout minimum is now only 5mBTC!

We know you asked for it… We know you waited. We promised and now it’s here!

If your current balance is 5mBTC or more you will now be able to request a withdrawal from your web account Payments section.
Just make sure you have a correct Bitcoin address in the Payments Settings in your Profile. Then go to the Payments and click that green button to request your payout. As usual, you will get an email with a verification link tat you have to click and then you will get another email with your Bitcoin transaction hash.

You can also check all payouts on our public Payments page. Computta pays!

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