Computta Responds to Negative Reviews

Thanks to everyone who uses Computta!

We are still in beta-testing phase of the app development and in our infant stage – only about 3 months old.
But already going strong and we have thousands satisfied users and loads of positive comments and testimonials.

But from time to time we see some negative “reviews” posted on blogs or social media.
The reviews usually have no strong points, just opinions, often from folks who didn’t even use our app or take time to understand what it’s all about.

So we were asked many times by our users to give a response to those neg comments and reviews.
This post is a “response” to one such “review” on the (quite known) ‘Behind MLM’ site.

That “review” stands out from most others in that it is pretty structured with seemingly clear points given.
But anyone who can think on their own and even just a little understands internet, cryptocurrency and mlm will see that the guy behind that “review” doesn’t know what he’s talking about… AND no, he didn’t download, install and try the Computta app as of this writing.

I’ll not be posting the complete review here or giving out a link. One who’s interested enough can find it in google easily. Instead I’ll just go thru their main points one by one and provide our response and comments.

So here you go:

– if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.
C: Computta started in mid June 2017. We are still in beta-testing phase till end of November (hopefully). Owners don’t want their names, social accounts etc dug out and start receiving loads and loads of messages, questions, threats, pleads etc – since the app is being tested, tweaked and there ARE issues that we work on all the time. This WILL happen. We already do have such experience and we don’t want to be plunged into such situation again. Hope everyone concerned will understand. If not, well, they will have to live with it. And Computta is NOT an MLM company!

– Computta has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Computta affiliate membership itself.
C: Computta provides a service of “leisure mining” or “profitable computing” as we call it, allowing everyone with a decent computer generate cryptocurrency using our Smart Miner app. This service is 100% free and it will ever be. There are NO paid “upgrades” or “plans” and never will be any. We do not sell anything.
Having said that, our affiliate program is NOT a product in itself. It’s only a marketing tool, a way to effectively spread the word about Computta and allow our users increase their earnings by making commissions from their referred users.

– “The Computta Compensation Plan” “Computta affiliate membership is free.”
C: Computta is NOT an MLM company. We do not have retailed products.We do not have a “compensation plan”. Users join to generate cryptocurrency on their computers for free. All users can participate in our affiliate program and invite others to Computta using their referral links and earn commissions from earnings of the referred users.

– The big question here is whether or not Computta are actually using their distributed computing client to conduct cryptocurrency mining, or whether it’s being used for something more nefarious.
One possible candidate is DDOS attacks.

C: This one is quite funny. The first thing that comes to mind is have any of those “bad guys” trying to build a botnet ever used a public website, public advertising etc for this purpose??
Secondly, if it’s not crypto mining, then what are those earnings shown in the users’ balances and how would we be paying out? Also you should know that creating and maintaining distributed computing software and network of this caliber costs loads and loads of very real money.

– This line from the Computta Terms and Conditions suggests unsolicited spam might be taking place in the background: Computta reserves the right to refuse any site/user entry into the Computta Affiliate Program based on site content or promotion methods.
C: Hmm… Really? Actually and obviously, this clause from the TOS means that Computta will not tolerate any unsolicited promotion methods by its users who participate in Computta Affiliate Program.

– A legitimate distributed computing cryptocurrency mining network would have nothing to hide. Yet who is running Computta is a mystery.
C: As pointed out before, we are still in beta-testing phase and do not want a mess of personal contacts, complaints, requests etc thrown at us. When deemed appropriate, we will do a public launch after beta-testing ends. At this time, we will likely disclose more information about the company and its management.

– Still it doesn’t cost anything to get involved other than your electricity bill, and that’s probably going to be a big drawcard for those willing to take the risk. …. If you’re one of those people, watch your internet usage when the client is running like a hawk. Making sure your anti-virus software is up to date wouldn’t hurt either.
C: Finally, these are some viable concerns.
Electricity consumption by your device with Computta app installed will slightly increase ONLY if used on 70% power mode and up AND if your computer’s GPU is used. But again, it will increase insignificantly and the balance will always be in your favor. Say your powerful PC generates $70/mo, your electricity bill from this will be around $15-$20/mo at the most. AND don’t forget you are using your PC daily anyway, Computta app does not interfere. So on 50% mode or on Smart Mode if used only during your work time, there will be NO electricity increase.
As for the internet usage, Computta doesn’t need any powerful connection and does NOT download or upload any big data. It can run even on a phone modem if there are any of those left somewhere… There will be NO internet traffic increase with Computta app, thus NO extra internet usage fees. Period.

– Making sure your anti-virus software is up to date wouldn’t hurt either.
C: That is correct! But Computta app is digital signature verified, ssl/tls verified, most popular anti-virus software approved. The downloadable install package is hosted in the cloud and also scanned daily by a third party.

Hope this response and these explanations are useful to those who were asking similar questions.
Like I said in the beginning Computta is still in beta-testing phase and we can’t avoid some bumps on the road. We constantly work on the app and the infrastructure to make Computta a totally positive and profitable experience for all our users.

UPDATE September 30, 2017: Our users sent us links to a few other similar “reviews” and upon looking at those, we found that they are ALL copy-cats, ALL seem to be written from the one that is the original article. The “review” authors just changed a few words or added  a shameless pitch of their own “marketing” services. Some didn’t even bother to do that and just copied the original article completely… And NONE of them took the time to actually look at our website, blog or register and download the Computta app.

UPDATE October 10, 2017: We created a Completed Withdrawal Payments page where you can see all payout transactions made to our users since August 2017. Computta pays!

Finally, if you are a current user and have any questions or concerns, please post it on our helpdesk and we’ll be happy to provide answers and support needed.

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