Computta Runs a Feature Request Contest and Giveaway this Weekend

The last month of the year has just begun and public Computta is exactly 6 months old! As a way to celebrate this AND get to know more about what our beloved users think and want…

Computta has started another Weekend Giveaway Event on Facebook where we will give away 8mBTC credit (about $80 as of today!) to a random FEATURE REQUEST COMMENT from our user.


Feature Request Contest is Closed Now!

And the WINNER IS=>> Ronald Garcia Pugay – CONGRATS!!

Big THANKS to everyone who participated, liked and shared!


Go here now: =>


– The Giveaway starts now and will end on Sunday, December 3rd 23-59-59PM.
– You will need to LIKE our FB Page AND post a COMMENT
of WHAT FEATURE you would like to have on Computta or WHAT IMPROVEMENTS you would like done.
ONLY post ONE single most wanted feature request or improvement comment.
– Do NOT post anything else on that Giveaway Contest Post, no questions, no thanks, nothing irrelevant.
– We will pick a random RELEVANT COMMENT on Monday, December 4th 2017.
– The reward is 8mBTC and will be added to the winner’s balance within 24 hours after the winner is picked and announced.

Naturally you have to be a Computta user to get the reward 😉

To clarify a bit on what we expect to see from you, here is a good and a bad examples of Feature Requests:

“I would like to have banners and other marketing materials in the web account.” -> GOOD!
“I want to earn more with Computta.” -> BAD!
“I want to have support for two and more GPUs or multi-card mining rig.” -> GOOD!
“Please improve Computta app interface.” -> BAD!


Do not wait,the contest and giveaway  has started already!

Go here now: =>
Why We Do It

The main reason we do this is because we really want to know what our users who have been with us for some time think about our service and app. What you want improved or what functionalityyou want added. What annoys you and what you would really love to have. What you saw in other programs that we do not have yet. We want to KNOW so that we can SERVE you better.

And rest assured that we WILL implement the most often asked features that make sense in our service architecture. We will hold ourselves accountable and post publicly which requests were implemented. But the first step of course, is to learn what YOU WANT and ask from us.

So here’s exactly what you need to do now:

Go to that link, you will land on Computta Facebook page. Like that page.
You will see the pinned Giveaway Contest post there.
Just post your Feature Request comment briefly explaining what you want. Your comment must be 10 words or more to enter the contest. Actually explain what you want, but don’t be vague.
Do not post anything else like links, questions etc in the comments there, or you will be excluded.
You can Like and Share the Contest post if you like it of course!

Here is the link to the Weekend Giveaway contest again:



Statement of Release

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of the Facebook page and not to Facebook.

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