What Is Current Balance?

You can view your earnings balance right in the Computta Smart Miner software.

The “Current Balance” shows the current total balance of your account. That is money earned on the CURRENT device you are running the Smart Miner on at the moment, your own OTHER devices – the devices you have the Smart Miner installed on and running under your own account and also your REFERRAL commissions.

You can also view your total earnings in your Account Area on the Computta.com website when you’re logged in. But there you can also search your earnings and referral commission history and see your referral bonuses too.

Your Current Balance is displayed in milli Bitcoins (mBTC = 1/1000 of BTC) and there is also a USD amount shown for your reference.

Your balance is stored in Bitcoin (BTC) and the USD amount ($) is calculated based on the current exchange rate on major cryptocurrency exchange websites. It means you may get this amount of US$ if you sold your BTC right now.

Note that like any other exchange rate, the BTC-USD rate changes all the time 24X7. So the USD amount may be different each time you view it. It may go up or down a bit which is totally normal. The mBTC balance will always only go up, unless you withdraw some earnings.


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