No GPU Value In Benchmark Test

Sometimes after the benchmark test completes it may show 0 for your GPU value.

By default the app detects and works with standalone graphics cards with 2GB graphic memory and up.

To fully use a standalone GPU it must be 4GB and up.
Most old standalone graphics cards with 1GB or less will not be recognized and not work with our app.

All integrated video cards will NOT be used at all since they are too weak.

If you have a standalone GPU with 2GB or up and still get 0 for the GPU value after benchmark, please try updating GPU drivers from your vendor’s website and run benchmark again. Often this will solve the issue.

We are constantly working on the app optimization and compatibility
to enable all possible standalone GPU/CPU combinations.

But as you can imagine first off, there are so many combinations to explore and secondly, you need to have a quite powerful graphics cards to support cryptomining processes with current difficulty levels.

BTW you are not restricted to only one computer. You can install our Smart Miner app on unlimited computers that you own or have access to to increase your earnings potential.



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