Computta App Version 0.91 Released

This is a new app version 0.91 where we implemented support for the new Cryptonight algorithm. It’s a new algorithm developed for Monero cryptocurrency.

With this algorithm you should see a significant increase in earnings compared to the older version of Monero algorithm. NOTE: the old version algorithm is now not fully supported and will become obsolete soon. So earnings on the older algorithms will be much lower!

Besides that we created new user experience features on the main interface and fixed a couple of minor bugs.

So you must upgrade ASAP if you want to earn more!


In the app version 0.91 release:


  • Added new miners for Cryptonight V8 algorithm which Monero switched to on October 18, 2018
  • Excluded old algorithms and miner setups which do not yield significant earnings


  • Added a Smart Mode feature: stay in the Light State (no switch to Full Power mode) while a set of programs (defined by user) is running. The programs could be added by executable path, by their folders and by picking up one from currently running programs. This feature was added since some programs when running (e.g. when spectating other players in some games) don’t prevent Computta from switching to Full Mode and the program could start lagging
  • Added Windows Computer Name to ‘My Devices’ tooltip to better identify a device

Bugs Found and Fixed

  • fixed minor bugs in the Benchmarking process
  • fixed new CryptoNight algorithm compatibility with hardware drivers


The new app version 0.91 is available for download
in your web account immediately.
We suggest everyone download and upgrade to the new version
right away so you don’t miss out!!
You must complete benchmark after install!


The new app version is the ONLY version in your Download section now! Login to your web account, go to your Download Smart Miner section (the first one in the navigation menu) and click on the download icon there, save to your computer where you can easily fin it.

To upgrade you need to first EXIT the running version from its FILE menu and then UNINSTALL it from your Windows Start menu. Then just double-click the newly downloaded exe file to start the new install and setup. Once done, you should see v0.91 in the upper right corner of the app screen.

And to clarify, your stats and earnings will not be lost and do not need to be moved over. They are NOT stored in the app itself. So once you login in the new app with your email and password, you will see everything you had in the previous version.

If you have any issues upon installing the new version, please use our helpdesk to contact our tech support.

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