My Withdrawal Amount Didn’t Arrive

My requested withdrawal didn’t come. What to do?

After your earnings balance hit the required minimum of 3mBTC, your withdrawal payments button is activated and you can request a withdrawal.

We always process withdrawal payments within 24 hours of you verifying your payout request thru the email verification step. This is an automated process and only in some cases needs manual verification by our Finance. Usually* you will receive your funds within 24-48 hours after that. *But if there is increased activity, volatility and big drops or increases of exchange rates and fees on the Bitcoin network, payouts may take longer to process – up to 10 days. In this case it’s better to withdraw in smaller amounts of 2-3mBTC, they are processed faster. We will notify you too in such cases.

If you requested to withdraw your earnings from Computta to a Bitcoin address, but it didn’t reach destination, please check where the problem might be first.

  1. Go to your web account’s Profile/Payment Settings page and check that your Bitcoin address is correct.
  2. Go to Payments section and see if your withdrawal request status is Pending or Completed.

If you see that the transaction is Pending, it means that we received your withdrawal request, but still waiting for your confirmation.

The first thing we do is send an email to your registered user email address asking you to confirm the withdrawal request, withdrawal amount and your bitcoin address.

– Have you received this email and replied to confirm the above?
You MUST check, verify and confirm your payout details by clicking the unique verification link we sent you, before we take your payout request into processing.

If you have never received the email, please check in your Spam/Bulk folder as sometimes our messages end up there.

If you still can’t find the message somehow, please go to our Helpdesk and open a ticket with your bitcoin address and requested withdrawal amount. We will verify and tell you how to proceed to receive your payment ASAP.

If after your verified your payout request you still see the status of it as Pending after 48 hours, means that some extra processes or verification kicked-in. This may happen when there is something wrong with your payout request or of there is some trouble on the Bitcoin network and payout take much longer because of it. In this case go to our helpdesk and open a support ticket with your payout details, we will tell you how to proceed.

If the transaction in your Payments section shows as Confirmed, it has been added to the blockchain and the money has left Computta accounts correctly. From this point on we have absolutely no control over it and can’t recall or change the transaction. So the requested amount will be credited to your Bitcoin address usually within hours. Note, that sometimes when there is increased activity and volatility on the Bitcoin network, sent out transactions stay “Unverified” there for longer times, up to a few days.

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